CSR UAE Fund Launches COVID-19 IMPACT Framework Guidelines to Manage Responsibly
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CSR UAE Fund, the federal authority setting the framework, governance and reward for Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE while managing and directing contributions from the business sector towards National Priority initiatives in line with the Sustainable Development Goals launches the COVID-19 IMPACT Framework, a guide that includes guiding principles for the private sector on how to deal with the global pandemic. 

This booklet aims to shed light on the current pandemic and offers a series of guidelines for businesses, highlighting responsible and sustainable best practices and proposing a unique approach to Corporate Social Responsibility during this challenging time. It includes a framework for employees, employers, and the public, in line with the Government’s directions and plans. 

The COVID-19 IMPACT Framework presented, is the milestone of the document and it is divided in 3 focus areas of outmost importance during this time:


The COVID-19 pandemic presents a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to raise the bar and demonstrate their capacity for resilience and the ability to adapt in challenging times.

Together, we can overcome this global challenge and build a better tomorrow.


To receive a copy of the COVID-19 IMPACT Framework booklet, email projects@csruae.ae