Terms & Conditions

General Introduction to the scope of the terms and conditions :

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) UAE platform is the official federal platform for all businesses operating in the UAE and was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on November 26, 2019. With a view to implementing the Social Responsibility Path according to the UAE Government's Year of Giving - 2017 Strategy, the Corporate Social Responsibility Fund was set up under Cabinet's Resolution number (2) of 2008, through a CSR Smart Platform, in which companies, listing entities are incorporated. The objective of the platform is to organize and coordinate the Social Responsibility at UAE level and link companies wishing to participate in Social Responsibility with entities seeking funding to implement Social Responsibility Projects (Listing Entities).

Registration of Companies and Social Responsibility Programs and Projects on the Platform:
Terms and conditions of Contribution in CSR Projects listed in the Platform:
Obligations of Listing Entities:
Services provided by the platform:
Contribution Currency :
Responsibility :
Terms and Conditions for Cancelling the registration in the platform:
A registration in the platform is deeded cancelled in the following cases:
Terms and Conditions for the usage of CSR Platform:
Amendment of Terms & Conditions:

The Fund reserves its right to amend or alter any terms and conditions at any time and will publish the last updated version of terms and conditions on the platform website.

Terms of File Uploading Policy:

The terms and policies for uploading files, modules and tools on CSR electronic platform ensure that all members have free direct uploading of any attachment file to any subject on the platform that one is allowed to upload which is relevant to the member regardless of the size or type of the file. All you have to do is to wait until the “Upload File” icon appears then click on “Upload File” and the process will immediately begin. You may also use or otherwise upload the file any number of times, but you may not transfer nor republish the attached file in any other website or entity without a written consent of the Fund. You can, however, share the link of the subject or page if you wish with mentioning that the source is the Fund/ Smart Platform.

Declaration :

By registering in the CSR Platform, you agree that any information you provide through the website is complete, accurate and true and that you will not register, attempt to log in the website using a name of another person or firm nor assume another username. In case of any violation, the Fund may take all the necessary actions.